Re-live the Child Within

Be the Child: live life as it is

A baby is born in an unknown world with absolutely no questions asked. Accepting each and every event of his/her day as it is. Accepting new faces and food as it is. He laughs when is entertained and that is labeled that he is happy, he cries when he needs something. He has only 2 fears : one of falling and two of loud noises. He has no other fears.

Re-collect yourself as a baby; were you afraid of death then? No, what about poor health? No again, fear of loss? Maybe, for a single person, that friendly face and soothing touch of the familiar figure who fed you and cleaned you, but otherwise no fear of relationships. Thus begins a child’s journey of attachment. A selfish bond, as this baby grows into a child he finds other friendly figures and starts the comparison. So bondage begins from this fundamental human interaction. And it’s a deception as we all have used for our needs and labeled it as being vulnerable or incapable, never said selfish cause moral science teaches us that selfish is bad, but we are all born selfish.

With meditation practices and isolation programs of self realization, one comes to relate back to this babyhood, the first time you stepped into this world, you knew nothing, you just grew up and woke each day to meet with the excitement that day would bring. You had various consultants to guide you and care for your well beings, sometimes no one, but as a baby you woke always in excitement towards the day ahead. Waking up was beautiful and then going through the day in another’s plan was either good or bad, but each day had its moments, that we cherish in adult life.

After growing up so much, you may not want to go back to being vulnerable as a baby, but through meditation and isolation practices you can get to waking up and living each of the days in enthusiasm. A childlike confidence that nothing can possibly go wrong with your day today, and incase it does the adult in you will take care of it. This is strength a child adapts on his or her own and apparently loses it as he/she grows up. If you can find this strength in you right now then you are still that child.

Our own children are adults before 10 because we as adults have forgotten to be a child so how can we interact with innocence. Its presence is fear for us. Just imagine how many fears we have multiplied our life’s with. Fear of loss, fear of hunger, fear of lizards, fear of dark, fear of water, fear of terrorism, fear of water shortage, fear of maids, robbers… and the list goes on and on.

So where did these fears come from. Same place where we put the fears in all children today. Our Society, our economic conditions, our education and finally religion gives us ideas, sometimes fears within us. And by the time we’re 10 just check how many fears you have built from zero. Trust life and science to keep giving you more awkward concepts which you could turn into fears maybe even phobias.

Once you are aware of this the first step you take is to strip a fear at a time and try and become that child again. You’ll find yourself saying good-bye to head-aches and all ills of life and wake up each day in excitement and search for new things to do.

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