Personality Testing vital for organizations

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Personality Testing vital for organizations

It is a tough call today to know to select the right applicant as the right employee. A recruiters focus is usually limited to finding a match to a Job Description and pay package. These are initial stepping stones to fulfill vacancies. Filling up a vacancy is a Job half done. There is an increasing gap of matching a candidate profile to aligning skill sets. Because of this Personality Testing vital for organizations.

Why is Personality Testing vital for Organizations Today:-

  1. Job Descriptions a support tool for Personality Testing

    Getting a Job description online is easy, but matching a candidate to it is usually difficult. Every Organization is evolves uniquely. When we begin 2nd tier hiring , its very important to match personality to the JD.Organization climate, culture and vision should be directing every recruitment. The more accurately the personality profile is checked with every Job Skill, the better the selection and future compatibility.

  2. Profile Samples vital for organizations

    Employees define the culture within an organization. Even if employees do same job functions individuality plays a crucial part. An employees emotional mindset and core personality  is something we don’t really look into. Although this is a tedious task, but , if done correctly can assist HR tremendously. Profile Samples help to identify the potential leaders.

  3. Power Use of Personality Profiling Tool

    Today one has access to several online testing for competency as well as personality profiling. Here i would recommend Know You To Be U’s “All Rounder Test Series” , which covers basic understanding of an individual by simple online tests and auto evaluations.
    An HR having access to the quick reports assists them to understand and take guidance to proceed intelligently with negotiations as well as counselling.


Today Personality Testing is very important tool for recruitment and organizations. Organizations evolve with policies and striking personalities. Accordingly, the importance of key personnel within an organization is key to an organizations success.


It is an Owners Dream to have a well run organization. With an investment as low as INR 500/ employee you can get a detailed employee profile report. This helps an average HR with little logical reasoning to select right candidates. It also becomes an easy tool to  counsel and negotiate with employees.


Online Personality Tests, assist an HR to clinically tackle any employee related situation. We all know a Doctor requires more than a blood report to suggest treatment for a patient. So why not equip today’s HR to be exactly that , and increase organizational benefits.



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