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Simple Tips To Work Effectively From Home


Here are simple Tips to Work Effectively From Home. One requires to set the right atmosphere. You require to have a  desktop or laptop, plus a phone and wifi connection.

Ensure to keep a desk and a chair where you can rest your elbows at a 90 degree angle by the keyboard.


Give comfort to your eyes by keeping the position of the desktop / laptop with your eyes.


Here are few Simple Tips To Work Effectively From Home:


Sit up Straight


We are naturally used to a hectic life of movement. This sudden change on lifestyle of restrictions may tend to psychologically put us in a slouch.


That’s why is good to keep a harmony in your body posture. Its a good idea to place your feet on the ground and sit upright , keeping your back straight. You can freely add a footrest to add comfort. Adding a cushion backrest is also helpful.

Try few energizing exercise and re-focus


Start with your Neck – Rotate clockwise and anti clockwise – 5 times . Move the head up and down 7 times.


Do a wrist movement clockwise and anti clockwise – 5 times


And a move your ankles clockwise and anticlockwise – 5 times


Doing few back twists helps align your back bone.


Protect your eyes


Check your screen brightness settings. If you suffer from headaches, eye strain and blurred vision, check out screen dimming extensions.


Stretch your eyes as the eye muscles require rest from constant screen viewing.


Do a few eye movement exercises like :-

Looking up, down, side to side and then diagonally

Direct your focus to each corner of the room.


Try keeping a Green plant on your desk and keep glancing at it.


Other Simple Tips To Work Effectively From Home:


Being disciplined and sticking to a schedule.


Take regular breaks, you can try taking an online test.


Drink lots of water as it soothes the anxiety


Keep a focus on what all is being achieved


Motivate Yourself by listening to songs


Watch an episode , 1 show and refrain from binge watching.


Know Yourself to Be You, a better you in these uncertain times.


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