Thinking – The Mother of all Addiction’s

Thinking At All Times is a Big Addiction

Thinking – The Mother of all Addiction’s and simple solutions to change it.

Looking around us, we find many obvious addictions like people smoking, drinking , gambling, food, sex, shopping, gaming , stalking people, working and so on… We tend to have judgements on people with such obvious addictions , so also we have stories to support and justify the reason for our judgement. But no one talks about the mother of these addictions : THINKING. This is an addiction rushing into our societies creating an Epidemic with no external treatment.

When you see an addict of any type, at any place, observe what you feel, maybe “yuckiness” , “disgust” , “disapproval”. When you feel these things , go deeper to acknowledge what thought triggered these feelings. Mostly you will find a unique story that created these sensations, for instance :-

1) an abusive or overly strict parent ,

2) a curious childhood friend,

3) influence of a movie.

You can even take an online counselling session to dig deeper into your external behaviour.

Identify your “THINKING” Addiction

By natural training we always choose to not acknowledge our own weaknesses. As a society we blame it on the addicts for spoiling our environment and society. Addicts too suffer from a vacuum within their mind , and to fill up this emptiness they begin to take support of substances. But what about us? We who choose to judge without sympathy towards our own self.

It is time now to accept your own addiction and you dont have to do this by beginning a meditation or self help program . Just become aware of your thoughts and start to control them instead of them controlling you. There are simple processes for looking within and becoming aware of yourself, your thoughts, feelings and your behaviour.

Never take an addiction out of your life superficially , take it out from its roots. My sincere suggesstion to all readers who are struggling with addictions and overthinking:-

5 simple solutions to rid your self from the Mother of all Addictions :-

  1. Become Aware of the repititive thoughts that trigger your obtuse behaviours
  2. Acknowledge them, observe them
  3. Write down the past episode that triggered this thought , give it not more than 1 hour or writing , BURN it up
  4. When you have a repeated trigger , Breathe Easy and remind yourself whats burnt is finished , cant be un done , cant be relived.
  5. Always divert your focus to your breathing

See how beautifully you can stop the mother of all addictions, thinking one step at a time.

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