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Samina Ahmed


The results are really scary as they are so accurate, time to look at one self how we truly are and what we have become over years of conditioning. Happy realization and good change recommendations.


Shabeena - HR HEAD

Classic Cooling Pvt Ltd : Unexpected transformation from simple testing portal and amazing results, very valuable changes in our staff approach towards work.


Director HR

Sparklet : PTW & CPTI has been a great tool as our recruitment assistant as well as to identify training needs of our staff.


Joydeep - ( IIT STUDENT)

I liked The Speediness of The Test and The Results Are Short and Accurate - Easy to Understand.


Agarwal - Professor Agarwal

Tasgaonkar Group of Institutes : ETI has been a great tool to help our students to get into the Corporate World.


Reena - Student Co-ordinator

ITM : Testing has helped our students orientation program tremendously, giving rise to hidden potentials and more enthusiasm.

Ipsita Dutta

Ipsita Dutta - ( Architect)

This profile helped explain many of my qualities that I just didn't understand. I never understood why certain things about me were so different from others, and constantly felt misunderstood because of it. This changed that for me. I accept who I am confidently and securely. I love the affirmations.

Beenna Salla

Beenna Salla - Business Coach

The results are very helpful to guide individuals to break their limitations and achieve more. Im very satisfied with the results, helps my coaching tremendously.

Pratik Bari

Pratik Bari - Windows Developer

It has really helped me realise aspects of my personality that have always been confusing to me and areas of my life.

Mahesh Satpute

Mahesh Satpute - Animator

This is amazing - spot on! I think to be able to know your self a bit better. This was a great resource to use not only for my personal life but for my professional life.

Jignesh Mistry

Jignesh Mistry - Businessman

"It is pretty amazing: like someone was describing my innermost thoughts and had given me my own personal instruction manual!"

Hardik Dankhara

Hardik Dankhara - Businessman

The test was highly resourceful. The profile helped me see my strengths, weaknesses and goals in a more realistic fashion.

Pooja Mhaske

Pooja Mhaske - Creative Head (Ad Agency)

This was a super helpful assessment to discovery why I do what I do. It helped me to make sense of my emotions and desires in given circumstances.

Arvind Kumar Yadav

Arvind Kumar Yadav - Placement Co-ordinator

This was a super helpful assessment to discovery why I do what I do. The most insightful information was revealing an optimal career path.

kanhaiya Khansare

kanhaiya Khansare - Admin Head

The Test really helped me in my life to identify me .It will tell you more or less what suits you and in which position and environment you would be comfortable .This can be useful knowledge if you have to choose an education or career, even if an assessment is not in your near future.

Sandeep Yadav

Sandeep Yadav - Accountant

A lot of useful test question bank, it help me realize my limitations and self evaluation. Thanks KYTUB and team for provide this platform.

Dilip Yadav

Dilip Yadav - IT Professional

Great tests ! provides us a way to categorized different characteristics or traits that we might otherwise not be aware of. Additionally, it help us learn how others might react to something in their environment.

Chintan Parekh

Chintan Parekh ā€“ Director

It is like a blood report which gives every detail of things within me. Its helpful to achieve the desired aspects which was understood by me as not achievable. Iā€™m glad that I came across to such a wonderful platform.


Anoushka - Photographer

It's so satisfying to read. More than that, this gives you a manual for your own life. Mainly because this also tells you your weaknesses. And that makes you stronger so you can shine more.



A series of tests which opened doors to a new professional life for me.

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